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Projekty i Aranżacje Wnętrz

Projekte und Interior Design/Projects and interior design

The project design paving of cobblestonesuk

Color schemes facades, visualization


Projects and interior design
33-100 Tarnow
+48 600838354

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Hello and welcome to get acquainted with the company. I suggest offer comprehensive services for the design and interior design projects with cobblestones, buildings with the concept of visualization color of the facade, upgrading buildings, small architecture.




Arrangements of living quarters: flats, apartments, residences, detached houses - When designing looking for of design solutions which can produce greatest effect with regard to your possibilities. Good interior design is expertly combined the beauty, aesthetics and style with functionality and practical needs of the investor. Each interior should be original and interesting, and at the same time convenient and practical. So I have to appropriate selection of styles and pieces of equipment so that projects provide comfort and satisfaction.

Ordering of interior design on-line detailed information can be found in the section OFFER



Arrangements public spaces:

 Arrangements public spaces: restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops, offices, factories, service and trade-While designing interiors public and commercial trying to build their style and mood by stressing the specificity of the place and its purpose. We operate often through the element of surprise, using non-standard forms, bold colors or intriguing materials. Because a well-designed interior is not properly Put the furniture, but the climate in which you can both work and relax.



The architectural concept of the surface of the cobblestones.      The nature and color surfaces should emphasize elements of the building in terms of of character, facades, fences, etc. Only if the individual components work together, you can count on good effects, and the results they will enjoy for many years.

The space around the house should be not only aesthetic, but also functional. The surface of the cobblestones, in addition to serving functions typically Decorative whose task is to emphasize the style and character of both the house and its surroundings should be primarily practical. Harmonious dividing the different parts of the garden, creating a spectacular winding alleyways, isolating a small space quietest areas or interesting development of larger surfaces such as driveways and patios are undoubted advantage of each property.



Facades, concepts of color, visuals buildings.

Finishing the exterior walls of the facade is the last element of building a house. Whether this will be a spectacular and durable, decide materiały.Sposobów well chosen external wall finishes are many, but the end result depends on the skillful combination of materials, structures and colors, so that the beautiful façade of your home to enjoy over the years.



Pierwsza realizacja

Pierwsza realizacja

   The fence - a showcase home. A concept the fence should be at the design stage house. Whether the fence is high or low, tight or openwork, discreet or decorative, it has an impact on the character of the entire property. Creation of coherent system, but only when we link compositionally with the architecture of the building, we will use appropriate materials, we give the right shape and color. Such a treatment of the property is a signal that our house begins at its edge.




 The project of interior design includes:

  • concepts in the form of visualization fotorealistycznejdrawings laying floors, ceramic tile calculation.
  • views of the walls - the selection of colors, finishing details,
  • lighting design - arrangement of light sources,
  • Design of ceilings,
  • design architectural elements (eg. stainless steel, balustrades, fireplaces, etc.)
  • furniture design - drawings,
  • material selection, and the place of purchase.
  • colors, choice of wallpaper, plaster etc.


How to order e-Project?

When ordering the project should be sent to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. information necessary to complete the project, such as:

throw - drawing top view of the planned spaces with the dimensions of the walls, doorways, window openings, height, placement and dimensions of the radiators, the selection of ventilation, sized distribution electrical and hydraulic (hydraulic and electrical points always measure their axes).

The project is presented in the form of photorealistic visualization and throws eg. Ceilings with
light points, saved in JPG or PDF.

 Każdy e-Projekt powstaje na indywidualne zamówienie, jest niepowtarzalny i po zakupie nie będzie powielany.


The project design paving of cobblestones

Color schemes facades, visualization


Projects and interior design

33-100 Tarnów

+48 600838354

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.